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Letís face it, computers arenít as simple as the salesman would have you believe! You bought your computers as tools to increase your productivity and now you may be finding yourself spending time you should be spending on productive tasks, doing things like backing up the server, setting up new workstations, fighting viruses...The list goes on and on, doesnít it?

We can take some of those chores off your plate so you can get back to operating your business!

At Software Wizards, we can put together a custom program with options such as:

A monthly visit to your site

Backup set-up and monitoring

Anti-virus updating

Removing Spy-ware

Periodic drive maintenance

Phone support

Machine inventory

Software inventory

Remote network administration

Software recommendations

Computer Purchase Assistance

and more...

All this is in a package for a single low monthly minimum charge, determined at a consultation with you where we will customize your solution. Think of us as an IT Department you can afford!

Contact us for more information! The sooner you do, the sooner you can get back to doing the job you love and stop messing around with your computers!!